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History of Tripoli, Lebanon

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Names of the City Through History

Before the 7th Century BCE

The Prehistoric Period

6th to 4th Century BCE

The Persian Period

312/311 to 64 BCE

The Hellenistic Period

64 BCE to end of 4th Century CE

The Roman Period

Diodorus of Sicily (90-20 BCE)

5th to 7th Century CE

The Byzantine Period

645/646 to 1109 CE

The Arab Period

AlMoutanabbi (325-328 H/936-939 CE)
Nasir-i-Khusrau (438 H/1047 CE)

1109 to 1289 CE

The Crusades Period

Jaufré Rudel (1130-1170 CE)
AlSharif AlIdrisi (548 H/1154 CE)

26 April 1289 to late 14th Century CE

Mameluke Tripoli

Ibn Battuta (726 H/1326 CE)
Sheikh AlRabouweh (d. 727 H/1327 CE)
Ibn FadlaAllah AlOumari (735 H/1335 CE)
* The History of the Mameluke Architecture in Tripoli (Part I)
* The History of the Mameluke Architecture in Tripoli (Part II)
* The March of the Vice-Sultanate in the Tripolitan Mameluke Kingdom
* Jerusalem and Tripoli: Common Features and Relations 

late 14th Century to late 17th Century CE

Early Ottoman Tripoli

Ibrahim ben Mousa AlOtayfi (1634 CE)
Monsieur de Thevenot (1686 CE)
Chevalier d’Arvieux (1653-1697 CE)
Sir Mondrell (1697 CE)
AbdulGhani AlNaboulsi (1700 CE)
John Squire, William Martin Leake & William Richard Hamilton (1802 CE)
Henry Harris Jessup (1910 CE)
* Jerusalem and Tripoli: Common Features and Relations

1920 to 1943

The French Mandate

June to July 1941

The Australian Military Campaign

1970 to 1990

The Civil War

1990 to present

Modern Tripoli

John Gulick (1967 CE)
Amin Maalouf (2000 CE)
Dick Doughty (2000 CE)

  • Some travelers who visited Tripoli, and not mentioned above, are:
  • Berkhard (651 H/1253 CE).
  • AlNuwayri (710-712 H/1310-1312 CE; author of Nihayat alArab fi Funun alAdab).
  • Badreddin AlHalabi (756,757 H/1355,1356 CE, author of Durrat AlAslak fi Dawlat AlAtrak).
  • Francisco Soryano (9th Century H/15th Century CE).
  • Khalil ben Shahin AlThahiri (859-865 H/1457-1463 CE, d. in Tripoli 873 H/1470 CE, author of Zubdat Kashf alMamalek).

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