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Tripoli, Lebanon:
A Modern Arab City

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Tripoli, Lebanon


Aerial and Drone Imagery

A collection of splendid current and historical aerial and drone photos of Tripoli, Lebanon.



The harbour, AlMina, a town that is three kilometers away from Tripoli's city center, hosted what was apparently at one time a Phoenician town of which nothing now remains. AlMina is also known as the "City of Waves and Horizons".



AlQalamoun is a coastal town in the Tripoli District. The town is five kilometers south of Tripoli's city center.



Throughout their old and recent histories, Tripolitans have always been, and still are, a unique example of social and communal unity in Lebanon. Many families, Muslim or Christian, share the same names and most of them celebrate the same religious feasts.

Tripoli as seen from the International Space Station (April 20, 2014). Photo Credit: NASA/Astronaut Koichi Wakata.



Tripoli has long been known for its sweets industry, furniture industry, olive oil-based soap production, and copper and silver crafts.


Prayer Times 

Use the tripoli-lebanon.org calculator to compute the prayer times for Tripoli, Lebanon.


Space Imagery of Tripoli

A collection of splendid photos taken from the International Space Station and various earth observation statellites.


The Tripoli International Olympic Stadium

The Tripoli International Olympic Stadium is a modern "Sports Town" located south of Rashid Karameh International Exhibition Center.

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